List of Positive Words That Start With Q

Best fourteen positive words that start with Q are given below

Under the table you also get origin time, meaning, and examples of these words.

1. Quiet
2. Queen
3. Quality
4. Question
5. Quite
6. Quiver
7. Quixotic
8. Quaff
9. Quick
10. Quaint
11. Qualified
12. Quip
13. Quantity
14. Query

With origin time, meaning and examples-

1. Quiet (Adjective) (1350–1400) Peaceful, calm, relaxing, pleasant, moderate.
Genius is formed in quiet, character in the stream of life.
Two things doth prolong your life: a quiet heart and a loving wife.

2. Queen (Noun) (before 900) Head of state, leading light, idol, monarch, sovereign.
The head of the Queen appears on the obverse of British coins.
The crowd pushed forward to see the Queen.

3. Quality (Noun) (1250–1300) Value, standard, merit, excellence, superiority.
When costs are cut product quality suffers.
We sell quality tools at the right price.

4. Question (Noun) (1250–1300) Query, interrogation, examination, concern, proposal.
There are two sides to every question.
This question comes into the domain of philosophy.

5. Quite (Adverb) (1300–50) Altogether, wholly, fully, totally, completely.
I have quite a good relationship with my parents.
It all seemed quite rational to me.

6. Quiver (Noun) (1480–90) Shake, chill, waver, tremble, tremor.
I felt a quiver of excitement run through me.
It makes the little cedar trees quiver, as with delight.

7. Quixotic (Adjective) (1805–15) Romantic, idealistic, perfectionist, visionary, unbusinesslike.
This is a vast, exciting and some say quixotic project.
He began a quixotic search for the mother who abandoned him.

8. Quaff (Verb) (1515–25) Drink, guzzle, gulp, swallow, finish off.
I went down to the bar to quaff a brew.
We crave new knowledge like some people quaff coffee after a hangover.

9. Quick (Adjective) (before 900) Hurried, sudden, instant, sharp, ready.
Quick at meal, quick at work.
The doctor said she’d make a quick recovery.

10. Quaint (Adjective) (1175–1225) Attractive, sweet, charming, pleasantly old-fashioned, fanciful.
This quaint custom should be revived.
They still keep some quaint old customs.

11. Qualified (Adjective) (1550–60) Able, competent, suitable, fit, capable.
You need the advice of a qualified engineer.
We need some highly qualified intellectuals.

12. Quip (Noun) (1525–35) Joke, pleasantry, funny, jest, witty remark.
He ended his speech with a merry quip.
To quip means to say something that is intended to be amusing or clever.

13. Quantity (Noun) (1250–1300) Amount, group, mass, bulk, a good number.
Mathematics is the science of pure quantity.
A large quantity of beer was sold.

14. Query (Noun) (1625–35) Inquiry, interrogation, suspicion, examination, question.
The query formulation is central to a successful outcome.
I query whether he can be trusted.

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