List of Positive Words That Start With Y

Best nine positive words that start with Y are given below

Under the table you also get origin time, meaning, and examples of these words.

1. Yeah
2. Young
3. Yes
4. Yippee
5. Yummy
6. Yearn
7. Yield
8. Youth
9. Yare

With origin time, meaning and examples-

1. Yeah (Adverb) (1900–05) Ok, okeydoke, yes, aye, all right.
Yeah, I have a sweet tooth.
Yeah, I heard about it.

2. Young (Adjective) (before 900) Youthful, vigor, freshness, having the appearance, teen.
Whoso learns young, forgets not when he is old.
A young man idle, an old man needy.

3. Yes (Adverb) (before 900) All right, ok, yeah, aye, okeydoke.
He proposed to me and I said yes.
Yes, I met him 20 years ago in America.

4. Yippee (Interjection) (1910–15) Hooray, glory, yahoo, wahoo, whoopee.
No school for five weeks – yippee!
Hope self feel yippee.

5. Yummy (Adjective) (1925–30) Delicious, tasty, toothsome, flavorful, ambrosial.
This cake is really yummy.
Chocolate cake for tea? How yummy!

6. Yearn (Verb) (before 900) Hunger, lust, desire, want, thirst.
Some who yearn for children adopt orphans, if they can afford to care for them.
If you do yearn for chocolate, try a carob bar instead.

7. Yield (Verb) (before 900) Afford, earn, contribute, produce, generate, provide.
Love will not yield to all the might of wealth.
The military has promised to yield power.

8. Youth (Noun) (before 900) Springtime, bloom, freshness, peak, boyhood/girlhood.
Youth looks forward and age backward.
Happy is he who knows his follies in his youth.

9. Yare (Adjective) (before 900) Lively, easily manageable, agile, quick, ready, easily handled.
Yare heavy enough, sweets may make you even fatter.
The yare also looking for tools and strategies that might improve their own digital surveillance.

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