List of Positive Words That Start With Z

Best ten positive words that start with Z are given below

Under the table you also get origin time, meaning, and examples of these words.

1. Zeal
2. Zest
3. Zappy
4. Zippy
5. Zing
6. Zip
7. Zenith
8. Zany
9. Zen
10. Zaftig

With origin time, meaning and examples-

1. Zeal (Noun) (1350–1400) Keenness, eagerness, devotedness, energy, vigor.
Zeal without knowledge is a runaway horse.
He shows great zeal for knowledge.

2. Zest (Noun) (1665–75) Taste, spice, charm, interest, piquancy.
He approached every task with a boundless zest.
He had a great zest for life.

3. Zappy (Adjective) (1965–70) Energetic, lively, fast-moving, snappy.
This new “Batman” is filled with zappy visuals.
In the scene, Zappy, a tennis star, reflects on his childhood.

4. Zippy (Adjective) (1915–20) Active, bright, fresh, sparky, spirited.
A crowd of zippy children who’d been cooped up all day.
She just bought a zippy new computer that should enable her to work more efficiently.

5. Zing (Noun) (1910–15) Enjoyment, energy, love, passion, pleasure.
We want to put more zing into our advertising.
Lemon juice adds zing to drinks.

6. Zip (Verb) (1850–55) Flash, go like lightning, speed, race, fun, sprint.
The helicopter can zip along at about 150 kilometers an hour.
Could you zip me up, please?

7. Zenith (Noun) (1350–1400) Apex, acme, peak, summit, highest point.
His career is now at its zenith.
The Roman Empire reached its zenith around the year 100.

8. Zany (Adjective) (1560–70) Amusing, funny, comic, silly, lighthearted.
He made us all laugh with his zany tricks.
Political cartoonists have taken the strange story for a zany ride.

9. Zen (Noun) (1727) Religious meditation(Japanese).
She became interested in Zen Buddhism.
His spare but beautiful clothes put the audience in a meditative Zen state.

10. Zaftig (Adjective) (1926) Pleasingly plump, rounded figure.
She was rather buxom, I would call her zaftig.

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