List of Positive Personality Adjectives or Positive Adjectives That Start With E

Best twenty-eight positive personality adjectives or positive adjectives that start with e are given below

Under the table you also get meaning, examples, and origin time of these words.

1. Endless2. Ethical
3. Excellent4. Energetic
5. Eager6. Easy
7. Efficient8. Elegant
9. Exotic10. Enthusiastic
11. Exceptional12. Exciting
13. Eye-catching14. Early
15. Earthly16. Eclectic
17. Enjoyable18. Enough
19. Equal20. Erotic
21. Especial22. Essential
23. Everlasting24. Exact
25. Extraordinary26. Entertaining
27. Exclusive28. Expansive

With meaning, examples and origin time-

1. Endless (Adjective) (before 900) Unbounded, without end, infinite, never-ending, perpetual.
Some say love it is a hunger and endless aching need.
They turned into an endless street.

2. Ethical (Adjective) (1600–10) Honest, moral, social, virtuous, right-minded.
There are certain ethical principles that are basic to all the great religions.
It is necessary to get the youth to have a high ethical concept.

3. Excellent (Adjective) (1350–1400) Outstanding, too good, high quality, perfect, mind-blowing.
The peach tree has an excellent blossom this year.
The car has excellent all-round visibility.

4. Energetic (Adjective) (1645–55) Active, passionate, sparkling, sprightly, dynamic.
Young, bright, energetic with strong career-ambition.
This world belongs to the energetic.

5. Eager (Adjective) (1250–1300) Keen, motivated, committed, enthusiastic, avid.
They were only too eager to help us.
I was eager to get back to work as soon as possible.

6. Easy (Adjective) (1150–1200) Light, natural, casual, informal, familiar.
All things are difficult before they are easy.
It is easy to open a shop but hard to keep it always open.

7. Efficient (Adjective) (1350–1400) Energy-saving, well organized, systematic, logical, well regulated.
We must make the most efficient use of the available financial resources.
These people are very efficient, very organized, and excellent time managers.

8. Elegant (Adjective) (1400–50) Intelligent, clever, inventive, deft, ingenious.
Be elegant and with a nice personality.
The building is a showpiece of elegant design.

9. Exotic (Adjective) (1590–1600) Colorful, eye-catching, fantastic, remarkable, sensational.
Did you go anywhere exotic on vacation this year?
She travels to all kinds of exotic locations all over the world.

10. Enthusiastic (Adjective) (1595–1605) Eager, keen, committed, avid, vivacious.
He is enthusiastic about pop music.
She received an enthusiastic ovation from the audience.

11. Exceptional (Adjective) (1840–50) Uncommon, extraordinary, rare, special, remarkable.
This weather is exceptional for June.
We’ve enjoyed an exceptional run of fine weather recently.

12. Exciting (Adjective) (1805–15) Inspiring, thrilling, exhilarating, stimulating, sensational.
It’s exciting to discover traces of earlier civilizations.
She had some exciting adventures in Egypt.

13. Eye-catching (Adjective) (1920–25) Amazing, impressive, dramatic, awesome, distinctive.
They packaged their candy in eye-catching wrappers.
The posters come in several eye-catching designs.

14. Early (Adjective) (before 950) Advance, Fast, quick, timely, prompt.
Early mistakes are the seeds of future trouble.
Early to bed and early to rise to make a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.

15. Earthly (Adjective) (before 1000) Possible, feasible, imaginable, conceivable, perceivable.
Buddha taught that earthly existence is full of suffering.
In this earthly life, nothing is perfect.

16. Eclectic (Adjective) (1675–85) Broad, wide, extensive, universal, comprehensive.
He has an eclectic taste in music.
The selection is both practical and literary, subjective, and eclectic.

17. Enjoyable (Adjective) (1635–45) Amusing, exciting, pleasant, delightful, lovely.
The book is an enjoyable and undemanding read.
I always try to make my lessons enjoyable.

18. Enough (Adjective) (before 900) Sufficient, adequate, ample, abundant, plenty of.
He is rich enough who has true friends.
A word to the wise is enough.

19. Equal (Adjective) (1350–1400) Fair, unbiased, neutral, impartial, equivalent.
Love makes all equal.
The law cannot make all men equal, but they are all equal before the law.
In the grave, the rich and poor lie equal.

20. Erotic (Adjective) (1615–25) Desirable, horny, exciting, vulgar, spicy.
To the ancient Greeks, love meant erotic love.
Erotic paintings also became a fine art.

21. Especial (Adjective) (1350–1400) Unique, exclusive, specific, distinctive, private.
It also gives especial aid to poorer areas that lost a lot of income in the changeover.
The lecture will be of especial interest to history students.

22. Essential (Adjective) (1300–50) Necessary, important, required, mandatory, significant.
The love of beauty is an essential part of all healthy human nature.
Friendship is an essential ingredient in the making of a healthful, rewarding life.
Mistakes are an essential part of education.

23. Everlasting (Adjective) (1300–50) Endless, unbroken, perpetual, eternal, sustained.
Love to everlasting, the final outcome again how.
I give you this ring as a pledge of my everlasting love for you.

24. Exact (Adjective) (1400–50) Perfect, accurate, well organized, precise, correct.
The exact ingredients of Coca Cola are a trade secret.
I can’t remember her exact words.

25. Extraordinary (Adjective) (1425–75) Very great, amazing, exceptional, remarkable, unbelievable.
An extraordinary personality cult had been created around the leader.
Gill had an extraordinary, incandescent personality.

26. Entertaining (Adjective) (1615–25) Delightful, pleasing, charming, enjoyable, amusing.
The job involves a lot of entertaining.
She was always so funny and entertaining.

27. Exclusive (Adjective) (1400–50) Elite, high-class, stylish, fashionable, elegant.
People will always pay top dollar for something exclusive.
Bel Air is an exclusive suburb of Los Angeles.

28. Expansive (Adjective) (1645–55) Wide-ranging, broad, wide, spacious, extensive.
She opened her arms wide in an expansive gesture of welcome.
They have played an expansive style of rugby.

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