List of Positive Personality Adjectives or Positive Adjectives That Start With H

Best twenty-eight positive personality adjectives or positive adjectives that start with H are given below

Under the table you also get meaning, examples, and origin time of these words.

1. Happy2. Healthy
3. Honest4. Holy
5. Harmonious6. Handsome
7. Hardy8. Heavenly
9. Helpful10. Hot
11. Humorous12. High
13. Hilarious14. Hearty
15. Homely16. Honeyed
17. Heartwarming18. Human
19. Hard-working20. Halcyon
21. Harmless22. Habitable
23. Hygienic24. Heedful
25. Huge26. Handy
27. Hale28. Heuristic

With meaning, examples and origin time-

1. Happy (Adjective) (1300–50) Glad, pleased, satisfied, delighted, joyful, smiling.
Happy is the man who is living by his hobby.
He is truly happy who makes others happy.

2. Healthy (Adjective) (1545–55) In good health, hygienic, nutritious, well, fine, beneficial.
A healthy mind is in a healthy body.
A good healthy body is worth more than a crown in gold.

3. Honest (Adjective) (1250–1300) Morally correct, ethical, right-minded, truthful, trustworthy.
He has always earned an honest living.
He is a wise man who is an honest man.

4. Holy (Adjective) (before 900) Godly, saintly, spiritual, pure, blessed, religious.
To the children, their father’s study was the holy of holies.
These children are venerated as holy beings.

5. Harmonious (Adjective) (1520–30) Balanced, coordinated, matching, friendly, cooperative.
Their harmonious relationship resulted in part from their similar goals.
They can build a more harmonious society once inequality and exploitation are removed.

6. Handsome (Adjective) (1350–1400) Attractive, good-looking, elegant, hot, imposing.
Every mother’s child is handsome.
The handsome young man excited affection in a girl.

7. Hardy (Adjective) (1175–1225) Strong, fit, healthy, hearty, vigorous.
Most of the soldiers were hardy young men.
Hardy fans stuck with the team through good times and bad.

8. Heavenly (Adjective) (before 1000) Holy, divine, godly, angelic, glorious.
It was a good party and the food was heavenly.
This place is heavenly.

9. Helpful (Adjective) (1300–50) Advantageous, useful, fruitful, beneficial, valuable.
An exchange of opinions is helpful.
Any helpful suggestions would be welcome.

10. Hot (Adjective) (before 1000) Very warm, passionate, spirited, lively, spicy.
The cool water felt lovely after being in the hot sun.
She was hot and sweat dripped into her eyes.

11. Humorous (Adjective) (1570–80) Amusing, funny, entertaining, comical, riotous.
It was a brilliant speech – clear, precise, and humorous.
The book takes a humorous look at parenthood.

12. High (Adjective) (before 900) Tall, big, giant, strong, powerful.
If you don’t aim high you will never hit high.
Great winds blow upon high hills.

13. Hilarious (Adjective) (1815–25) Jolly, cheerful, sparkling, funny, uproarious.
There were hilarious scenes when the pig ran into the shop.
Life is full of ironies, some hilarious, some tragic.

14. Hearty (Adjective) (1350–1400) Wholehearted, genuine, real, true, warm.
A good night’s sleep and a hearty breakfast worked wonders.
They gave us a hearty welcome.

15. Homely (Adjective) (1300–50) Unsophisticated, plain, natural, unrefined, modest.
The family photos give the room a homely touch.
Her mother is a homely woman.

16. Honeyed (Adjective) (1325–75) Sweet, pleasant, soft, agreeable, lyrical.
‘Of course, I love you, darling.’ she said in honeyed tones.
She spoke in honeyed tones.

17. Heartwarming (Adjective) (1895–1900) Touching, gladsome, encouraging, soul-stirring, pleasing.
Is there a sight more heartwarming than a family reunion?
Buying gifts for those we love should be a heartwarming experience.

18. Human (Adjective) (1350–1400) Mortal, kind, kindhearted, approachable, flesh, and blood.
Self-confidence is the first requisite to human greatness.
Only a truly free person has human dignity.

19. Hard-working (Adjective) (1765–75) Energetic, industrious, keen, enthusiastic, laborious.
Genius only means hard-working all one’s life.
He is honest, sober, and hard-working.

20. Halcyon (Adjective) (1350–1400) Happy, peaceful, joyful, successful, prosperous, flourishing.
She recalled the halcyon days of her youth.
I am owed and savor the halcyon times.

21. Harmless (Adjective) (1250–1300) Gentle, innocent, safe, inoffensive, hurtless.
It was just a bit of harmless fun.
The bacteria is harmless to humans.

22. Habitable (Adjective) (1350–1400) Usable, livable, inhabitable, in good repair, fit to live in.
They’ve done their best to make the house habitable.
The Sun is such a star, creating enough warmth to make a planet like earth habitable.

23. Hygienic (Adjective) (1825–35) Clean, sanitary, pure, healthy, unpolluted.
Food must be prepared in hygienic conditions.
Fresh skimmed milk with a hygienic package has a delicious taste.

24. Heedful (Adjective) (1540–50) Attentive, alert, aware, careful, mindful.
You should be more heedful of advice.
The heedful do not die, the heedless are like unto the dead.

25. Huge (Adjective) (1225–75) Enormous, giant, vast, very big, gigantic.
The movie will have to be a huge hit to recoup its cost.
Ronny caught three huge fish this afternoon.

26. Handy (Adjective) (1275–1325) Useful, skillful, easy-to-use, adroit, deft.
Always keep a first-aid kit handy.
A good tool-box is a handy thing to have in the house.

27. Hale (Adjective) (before 1000) Healthy, well, fit, blooming, strong.
She’s still hale and hearty at 74.
They were Hale and Pace, to begin with.

28. Heuristic (Adjective) (1815–25) Discover, understand, by trial and error, encouraging a person to learn.
The instruments of Heuristic are being continually perfected, before our eyes, in two ways.
A prime example occurs during search with heuristic rules, in the choice of a rule from a conflict set.

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