List of Positive Personality Adjectives or Positive Adjectives That Start With L

Best eight positive personality adjectives or positive adjectives that start with L are given below

Under the table you also get meaning, examples, and origin time of these words.

1. Loyal2. Lasting
3. Laudable4. Lovable
5. Luminous6. Luscious
7. Luxurious8. Lavish

With meaning, examples and origin time-

1. Loyal (Adjective) (1525–35) Faithful, truehearted, reliable, trusted, stable.
He’d always been such a loyal friend to us all.
They had remained loyal to the president.

2. Lasting (Adjective) (1775–85) Enduring, never-ending, endless, perpetual, lifelong.
First impressions are the most lasting.
We are well on our way to a feeling of lasting peace.

3. Laudable (Adjective) (1375–1425) Honorable, praiseworthy, admirable, worthy, reputable.
His noble ideas and polite behavior are laudable.
Her work for charity is highly laudable.

4. Lovable (Adjective) (1300–50) Dear, sweet, cute, darling, adorable.
Birds are always lovable.
Teddy bears are lovable toys.

5. Luminous (Adjective) (1400–50) Shining, bright, brilliant, glowing, radiant.
The desert was luminous, starkly beautiful.
My watch has a luminous dial so I can see it in the dark.

6. Luscious (Adjective) (1375–1425) Yummy, sweet, delicious, tasty, flavorful.
These items offer both texture and luscious flavor.
She was looking luscious in a flannel shirt.

7. Luxurious (Adjective) (1300–50) Deluxe, pleasure-loving, sensual, self-indulgent, comfort-seeking.
The cat gave a long, luxurious stretch.
Our honeymoon was two days in Las Vegas at a luxurious hotel called Le Mirage.

8. Lavish (Adjective) (1425–75) Openhanded, free, ample, plentiful, plentiful.
They lived a very lavish lifestyle.
She received lavish gifts of jewelry and clothes.

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