List of Positive Personality Adjectives or Positive Adjectives That Start With U

Best eight positive personality adjectives or positive adjectives that start with U are given below

Under the table you also get meaning, examples, and origin time of these words.

1. Unique2. United
3. Unlimited4. Unharmed
5. Untarnished6. Ultimate
7. Unconditional8. Useful

With meaning, examples and origin time-

1. Unique (Adjective) (1595–1605) Special, remarkable, extraordinary, outstanding, superior.
His style of singing is rather unique.
Each moment in history is a fleeting time, precious and unique.

2. United (Adjective) (1545–55) In unity, in harmony, mutual, combined, cooperative.
A united effort is always more effective than an isolated complaint.
Every party is united on the need for parliamentary democracy.

3. Unlimited (Adjective) (1400–50) Infinite, endless, boundless, vast, limitless.
A man can succeed at almost anything for which he was unlimited enthusiasm.
The ticket gives you unlimited travel for seven days.

4. Unharmed (Adjective) (1300–1305) Safe, all right, fine, ok, unhurt.
All eight climbers were rescued unharmed.
Both children escaped unharmed from the burning building.

5. Untarnished (Adjective) (1732–1737) Perfect, unbroken, undamaged, unspoiled, intact.
From a sky of untarnished blue, the sun beamed down upon the city.
He can at least return home with his reputation untarnished.

6. Ultimate (Adjective) (1645–55) Ideal, best, supreme, greatest, highest, paramount.
His ultimate goal was to set up his own business.
The ultimate decision lies with the parents.

7. Unconditional (Adjective) (1660–70) Absolute, unlimited, fair, perfect, unquestioning.
My love for all my children is unconditional.
Children need unconditional love.

8. Useful (Adjective) (1585–95) Helpful, fruitful, effective, functional, beneficial.
Lose no time, be always employed in something useful, cut off all unnecessary actions.
The book is full of useful information.

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