List of Positive Personality Adjectives or Positive Adjectives That Start With V

Best ten positive personality adjectives or positive adjectives that start with V are given below

Under the table you also get meaning, examples, and origin time of these words.

1. Vibrant2. Versatile
3. Vigorous4. Venturous
5. Vivid6. Vital
7. Virile8. Valid
9. Venerable10. Viable

With meaning, examples and origin time-

1. Vibrant (Adjective) (1540–50) Bright, brilliant, strong, rich, deep, warm, jazzy.
She was sixteen, young, and vibrant.
This sound was richer, more vibrant.

2. Versatile (Adjective) (1595–1605) Multitalented, multiskilled, flexible, resourceful, all-round.
Eggs are easy to cook and are an extremely versatile food.
A versatile person is often good at a number of different things.

3. Vigorous (Adjective) (1300–50) Strong, healthy, spirited, full of energy, dynamic.
The vigorous young plants grew fast.
Take vigorous exercise for several hours a week.

4. Venturous (Adjective) (1555–65) Adventurous, bold, daring, dashing, adventuresome.
Venturous innovation, stylish design, and best quality is our constant target.
To my pleasant surprise, Venturous was chosen to represent our Department.

5. Vivid (Adjective) (1630–40) Colorful, fascinating, interesting, graphic, warm, memorable.
Imagination is sometimes more vivid than reality.
I’ve got vivid memories of that summer.

6. Vital (Adjective) (1350–1400) Essential, life-sustaining, basic, necessary, major.
The heart performs a vital bodily function.
A strong opposition is vital to a healthy democracy.
Honesty is a vital element of her success.

7. Virile (Adjective) (1480–90) Manly, heroic, fearless, brave, solid.
His style of singing is very virile.
So young, so tender, so gentle, so virile.

8. Valid (Adjective) (1565–75) Authentic, correct, genuine, legal, lawful.
They have a valid claim to compensation.
My passport is valid for another two years.

9. Venerable (Adjective) (1400–50) Prominent, respected, honorable, legendary, renowned, famed.
I prayed silently for peace to those venerable remains.
May Day has become a venerable institution.

10. Viable (Adjective) (1820–30) Applicable, usable, workable, feasible, achievable.
Solar power is now a viable alternative to oil-fired water heaters.
The committee came forward with one viable solution.

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