List of Positive Verbs or Action Words or Action Verbs for Resume and Cover Letter That Start With A

Best twenty positive verbs or action words or action verbs for resume and cover letter that start with A are given below

Under the table you also get meaning, examples, and origin time of these words.

1. Awake
2. Appreciate
3. Admire
4. Aspire
5. Augment
6. Astound
7. Astonish
8. Adore
9. Avail
10. Acknowledge
11. Appease
12. Adapt
13. Abound
14. Accelerate
15. Audit
16. Appraise
17. Abide
18. Aid
19. Activate
20. Accumulate

With meaning, examples and origin time-

1. Awake (Verb) (before 1000) Alert, attentive, not sleeping, vigilant, knock up.
The company is awake to these new developments.
She lay awake all night in torment.

2. Appreciate (Verb) (1645–55) Accelerate, be grateful for, be thankful for, give thanks for, be obliged for.
They appreciate all the creature comforts of home.
We would appreciate an early reply.

3. Admire (Verb) (1580–90) Favor, appreciate, respect, adore, esteem, consider.
I admire his passionate belief in what he is doing.
I admire the effective use of color in her paintings.

4. Aspire (Verb) (1425–75) Aim, plan, purpose, meditate, seek ambitiously.
You aspire to do great things? Begin with little ones.
We can aspire to excellence in the arts, broadcasting, and sport.

5. Augment (Verb) (1375–1425) Increase, enlarge, build up, make bigger, boost.
Any surplus was sold to augment their income.
The government’s first concern was to augment the army and auxiliary forces.

6. Astound (Verb) (1275–1325) Astonish, shock, surprise, amaze, stagger.
Their dark humor never failed to astound him.
Nothing can astound them.

7. Astonish (Verb) (1525–35) Surprise, shocking, astound, stun, throw.
It astonished her that he was able to survive.
She ran 100m in an astonishing 10.9 seconds.

8. Adore (Verb) (1275–1325) Love, be crazy about, cherish, worship, have a weakness for.
He’s always been surrounded by people who adore him.
People adore him for his noble character.

9. Avail (Verb) (1250–1300) Advantage, aid, assist, help, benefit.
I’d like to avail myself of this opportunity to thank you all.
How many schools avail themselves of this opportunity each year?

10. Acknowledge (Verb) (1475–85) Appreciate, recognize, accepted, approved, authorized, genuine.
I acknowledge the truth of his statement.
We wish to acknowledge the support of the university.

11. Appease (Verb) (1300–50) Satisfy, fulfill, gratify, assuage, relieve.
He tried to appease the crying child by giving him candy.
Gandhi was accused by some of trying to appease both factions of the electorate.

12. Adapt (Verb) (1605–15) Adjust, habituate, conform, reorganize, customize.
It’s amazing how quickly people adapt.
All living organisms have to adapt to changes in environmental conditions.

13. Abound (Verb) (1325–75) Exist in large numbers or amounts, be full of, overflow with, be alive with.
Good fish abound in the North Sea.
Theories abound about how the earth began.

14. Accelerate (Verb) (1515–25) Advance, forward, increase, rise, speed up, go faster.
He decided to accelerate his output.
Our country should accelerate economic growth.

15. Audit (Verb) (1400–50) Inspect, examine, look over, assess, analyze.
The company has an audit at the end of each financial year.
They need to audit all access to the network.

16. Appraise (Verb) (1400–50) Value, price, set a price on, estimate.
An employer should appraise the ability of his employees.
They tried to appraise the poetry of John Milton.

17. Abide (Verb) (before 1000) Obey, observe, follow, conform to, agree to/with.
Everyone should abide by our social norms.
They have got to abide by the rules.

18. Aid (Verb) (1375–1425) Encourage, promote, facilitate, help, give a boost.
Some people take up yoga to aid relaxation.
Legal aid is a fundamental part of our system of justice.

19. Activate (Verb) (1620–30) Operate, start-up, switch on, trigger, set in motion.
We must activate the youth to study.
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20. Accumulate (Verb) (1520–30) Increase, mass, assemble, gather, collect.
As people accumulate more wealth, they tend to spend a greater proportion of their incomes.
Toxic chemicals tend to accumulate in the body.

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