List of Positive Nouns or Positive Personal Nouns That Start With B

Best twelve positive nouns or positive personal nouns that start with B are given below

Under the table you also get meaning, examples, and origin time of these words.

1. Blessing2. Bequest
3. Boon4. Bolster
5. Billow6. Bijou
7. Breakthrough8. Bow
9. Bliss10. Bravo
11. Backup12. Bouquet

With meaning, examples and origin time-

1. Blessing (Noun) (Before 900) God’s favor and protection, good fortune, gift, virtue, benediction.
Health and understanding are the two great blessing of life.
A child may have too much of his mother’s blessing.

2. Bequest (Noun) (1250–1300) Legacy, heritage, birthright, patrimony, estate.
The library has received a generous bequest from a local businessman.
He received a bequest under his grandmother’s will.

3. Boon (Noun) (1125–75) Advantage, aid, asset, benefit, bonus.
Radio is a boon to the blind.
These machines have proved a real boon to disabled people.

4. Bolster (Noun) (Before 1000) Support, boost, cushion, rest, pillow.
He tried to bolster up their morale.
More money is needed to bolster the industry.

5. Billow (Noun) (1545–55) A large sea wave, rising and fall, flow, rolling, breaker.
The white sails billow with the breezes they catch.
An angry billow almost swallowed that ship.

6. Bijou (Noun) (1660–70) Jewel, something small.
Can Chinese be persuaded to pay for bijou cars?
Don’t worry about Bijou.

7. Breakthrough (Noun) (1915–20) Advancement, enhancement, progress, development, step in the right direction.
Scientists are claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer.
We have achieved a real breakthrough in the search for peace.

8. Bow (Noun) (Before 900) Express thanks by bending one’s head respectfully, bob, salaam.
Time does not bow to you, you must bow to time.
He refused to bow down before the king.

9. Bliss (Noun) (Before 1000) Glory, supreme happiness, heavenly joy, beatitude, above.
The first six months of marriage were sheer bliss.
Swimming on a hot day is sheer bliss.

10. Bravo (Noun) (1755–65) Well done, good for you, congratulations, take a bow encore.
“Bravo, Rena! You’re right,” the students said.
Welcome to US, people who have dreams are all bravo.

11. Backup (Noun) (1775–85) Additional resources, reserves, support, aid, assistance.
Always have a backup plan.
A good backup team might help as well!

12. Bouquet (Noun) (1710–20) A bunch of flowers, compliment, congratulations, applause, aroma, smell.
He sent her a large bouquet of wildflowers.
Her wedding bouquet consisted of roses and ivy.

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